The Classroom’s Missing Millions

“We don’t have hard numbers yet but so far it looks like 25% to 35% variance on student enrollment.” This shocking statement was made by a school planner in Texas yesterday. I’ve heard 3 other planners in three separate states make a shockingly similar claim this morning. If this is happening in districts across the country, public schools are missing millions of students this fall. Where did they go? The answer seems to be [...]

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Where did the students go?

The Importance of Resident Based Research Especially This Fall Our firm is preparing for a new year of student forecasting, development research, rezoning and GIS support as client districts are preparing for opening during the Covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic is on everyone’s mind with questions of how they are going to help get the kids up and running for the new school year. During recent conversations, clients have mentioned the disappearance of students this spring and in [...]

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K-12 Planning with ArcGIS Dashboards

The start of the 2020/21 school year is fast approaching and school districts across the nation are faced with unprecedented challenges as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread. ArcGIS Dashboards are an excellent tool for visualizing and interacting with data. I created a dashboard to focus on all school districts in the state of Texas with current COVID-19 case counts at the county level. The Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at the John Hopkins [...]

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Texas School District Needed Forecasting Software and Services

Red Oak ISD Works With Davis Demographics in Texas. "The downside of using other demographics services is that we didn't have the capability to use the data to answer the questions ourselves," said Red Oak ISD's Kevin Freels. "We didn't have the capability to using our own data until we met Davis," said Kevin, using Davis Demographics' software and SchoolSite Locator "allows you to be 'hands on" with help." Red [...]

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Kelso School District Bond Election Required Experts

Student Forecasting Data Supported School Bond Election. According to Scott Westlund of Kelso School District, in Kelso, Washington, "our process of the facility improvement team is a public process. The purpose behind it is to make a recommendation to the school board as to not only what the bond project would look like...but the data from our consultants (Davis Demographics) matched up with what our plan was." Davis Demographics helps [...]

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Pennsylvania School “Close to Home” With School Consultant

Manhiem School District Achieves School Forecasting Goals. "I was impressed with Lorne's ability to know really what was going on," said Bryan Howett, COO of Manheim Central School District, in Manheim, Pennsylvania. "He knew about some projects that were in planning departments that i didn't know about," added Bryan. Initially, some the Manheim administrators and board members had reservations about using a school forecasting consultant across the country from Pennsylvania. [...]

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