SchoolSite is the planning tool developed and used in-house by Davis’ staff and also empowers school planners with GIS experience to create student forecasts and attendance area redistricting plans. SchoolSite is a school planning extension of ArcGIS Pro, SchoolSite allows users to compare their plans with the wealth of GIS data available to planners and perform powerful analysis.

SchoolSite Locator allows school district staff and parents to look-up what school your household is assigned to by simply clicking on a map or by typing in an address. SchoolSite Locator saves countless parents from the need to call the district for school assignments saving time and money.

ArcGIS Online is a cloud-based GIS mapping and analysis tool created by Esri. Districts across the country turn to Davis Demographics to create and share GIS data and analytics about their school district: ArcGIS Online allows school district administrators with no GIS experience to view this information securely online.

BoundarEase allows you to make changes to your school attendance boundaries quickly and easily. As you make changes, you will be given instant and dynamic feedback on the impact of the changes you are making. BoundarEase gives your boundary change process unlimited “what-if” potential.