Manhiem School District Achieves School Forecasting Goals.

“I was impressed with Lorne’s ability to know really what was going on,” said Bryan Howett, COO of Manheim Central School District, in Manheim, Pennsylvania. “He knew about some projects that were in planning departments that i didn’t know about,” added Bryan.

Initially, some the Manheim administrators and board members had reservations about using a school forecasting consultant across the country from Pennsylvania. Those concerns quickly faded with their first meeting with the Davis Demographic consultant, Lorne Woods. “When I first time that I talked with Lorne, and his willingness to know what was going on here, that put those fears aside, said Bryan. He added, “It was clear that even though they were far away that they were able to keep up with what was going on here. They did their homework, they talked with the planning department, that really took the distance for us out of the picture…it was like they were hear the whole time.”