Since 1993, Davis Demographics has been partnering with districts with enrollment ranging from 1,000 to 175,000 students to successfully respond to a variety of planning challenges and effectively address ongoing demographic changes.

Davis Demographics consists of a highly dedicated staff of individuals, many of whom have been with the firm for more than 10 years. Our demographers and planners are experts in the field and continue to be committed to serving public education by developing successful planning strategies to serve their communities.

Davis Demographics does one thing: Serve the planning needs of public school districts. We do not serve other industries or provide services in other areas. We firmly believe in doing one thing and doing it well.

We provide school districts with demographic reports, attendance and trustee boundary planning, and GIS services. We also have a suite of software to allow school district staff to become their own expert.

Davis Demographics has three regional offices in California, Arizona, and Texas. We have clients in 34 states and Canada.

With clients across the country, we see every type of possible planning challenge and growth pattern. Your situation is unique but odds are our team of Project Managers have seen something similar somewhere in the country. We work hard to get to know your community and challenges so we can be a trusted adviser on the dynamics of your situation.

Here’s why Davis Demographics is a better choice:

As pioneers of using geographic information systems (GIS) technology for school planning for close to 30 years, we have been serving the planning needs of K-12 school districts longer than anyone else in the industry. Many of our clients have been with us for over 20 years.

We care about you and your district, and we’ll go above and beyond to provide the resources and support you need to plan with confidence. Many of our clients consider our firm as an extension of their planning staff and we’re honored to have those close relationships.


We have been providing school districts with cutting-edge planning software for over 25 years.


Complete your own boundary adjustments online.

Online Boundary Changes

BoundarEase is an online application that lets school district staff modify their school’s attendance boundaries with ease and get dynamic real-time feedback on the impact of your changes make. Davis Demographics staff will prepare your student and school data and upload it into an application hosted on Esri’s ArcGIS Online.

SchoolSite Desktop

Create Student Forecasts and change school boundaries using powerful GIS tools.


SchoolSite for ArcGIS provides public school districts with school planning software build on the most powerful GIS software in the industry, Esri’s ArcGIS. GIS professionals can create enrollment forecasts, modify attendance area boundaries, facility site studies, and community demographic analysis.

SchoolSite Locator

Search for your home school by address or by clicking on a map.

School Boundary Lookup tool

Parent and school districts alike love SchoolSite Locator! The user simply types in an address and SchoolSite Locator will tell them which school’s attendance are they fall in to. The district’s staff no longer needs to answer phone calls and email from community member about which school their student attends.


For 30 years Davis Demographics has been providing consulting services to public school districts. Our SchoolSite software is used in our offices and in districts across North America to give school planners unprecedented results. Davis Demographics has twice been named Esri’s Global Business Partner of the Year for our work.

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