ArcGIS Pro is quickly becoming the gold standard in desktop GIS software and SchoolSite Pro will the go-to extension of K-12 school districts looking for boundary planning and enrollment forecasting tools. The efforts to migrate SchoolSite from ArcGIS Desktop to ArcGIS Pro are moving along quite fast. We have a solid beta version of SchoolSite Pro available for testing. If you are a current SchoolSite user and are interested in getting your hands on an early preview please contact us at

There are a number of improvements to save time such as easier data management and faster creation of plans and forecasts. SchoolSite Pro uses the same context sensitive ribbon user interface as ArcGIS Pro to bring the tools you need on screen when you need them, and hide them when you don’t. All the user interface controls are customizable so you can configure your workspace across multiple monitors just the way you want. Installation and license management will also be much more streamlined. New sharing options will allow you to publish your data to the cloud where it can be shared with other members of your District or to the entire community.

Now more than ever is an important time to analyze your District to learn about your student capture rate and changing demographics as parents look for alternative educational options. Make the most of your current facilities by adjusting boundaries to fill schools to capacity rather than open new schools. Track new development of housing to see changes to enrollment that might occur years in the future.

Look for SchoolSite Pro to be available by Fall 2021.