Software Training

Davis Demographics’ SchoolSite software provides a broad range of features to help school districts address various planning considerations. To help you take full advantage of these robust capabilities, Davis Demographics is proud to offer in-person training opportunities with our expert team as well as regular webinars on various software features.

Train at Davis' Facilities


Davis Demographics provides training courses at our state-of-the-art facilities in Riverside, California, and Dallas, Texas. Each class is limited to a maximum of eight participants to allow for one-on-one attention.

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Train at Your Own Site


For your convenience, Davis Demographics can send an authorized instructor to facilities provided by your district. This instructor will provide hands-on training for up to three of your staff members using local district data (if available) or sample data provided by Davis Demographics.

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How-To Videos


For all of the latest training, videos and resources, and to stay up to date on new software features and functionalities, access our training webinars here.

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