Davis Demographics is celebrating a very big achievement this week. We have become Gold Business Partners with Esri! This is no small feat and we are incredibly proud to be so closely tied to our friends at Esri.

If you have spent much time with anyone at Davis Demographics, you have probably heard us talk about our Esri customer number, which is 265. That low three-digit number comes from being among the first organizations to align themselves behind Esri and Jack Dangermond’s vision of using geography to change the world.

At Davis Demographics, we firmly believe that education is one of the most powerful forces for positive change in a person’s life, and then, the world. We also firmly believe that there is no better partner than Esri as we play our small part in supporting school districts as they provide safe and impactful learning environments for all students.

To celebrate this new chapter in our partnership with Esri, we are offering SchoolSite for 50% for the first year for all new clients who purchase before December 31, 2020. Contact Ken Ward for more details and a demonstration of our SchoolSite Planning Software. Click here to read more about Davis Demographics’ relationship with Esri.