Trusted Esri Business Partner


Collaboration to Benefit Schools

Esri’s geographic information systems (GIS) mapping technology provides more than 350,000 organizations — including thousands of school districts — with accurate, in-depth data to facilitate stronger decisions. Davis Demographics collaborates with Esri to develop software that builds on this powerful GIS platform to address the specific needs of school districts.

A winner of multiple business partner awards, Davis Demographics is Esri’s preferred provider for K-12 planning solutions and consulting services.

"“As an early adopter of GIS technology, Davis Demographics has worked with Esri since the mid 1980s, delivering many of the first school administrative demographic and planning applications. SchoolSite for ArcGIS illustrates the continuing commitment that Davis Demographics has given to providing K-12 school administrators with the most up-to-date planning solutions based on Esri technology."

— Jack Dangermond, Esri Founder and President

"As more school district leaders recognize the importance of harnessing the power of geography and GIS for better planning and decision making, having the best-of-breed GIS tools and solution/service providers is critical to success. Davis Demographics coupled with Esri technology will take you there."

— George Dailey, Esri Manager of Education Administration/Operations