Demographic Consulting

DDP provides a wide range of consulting services for school district planning...

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Desktop GIS Software

SchoolSite™ for school planning is the premier extension for ESRI's ArcGIS® family of software.

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Web Mapping

Offering online maps and applications for staff and parents...

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Company Profile

Davis Demographics & Planning, Inc. (DDP) is the premier firm providing demographic analysis and long-range planning and ESRI-based GIS software applications for K-12 school districts. The firm is assisting close to 200 school districts throughout the U.S. including both small rural and large urban districts. DDP has a reputation for excellent client service in the areas of enrollment forecasting, build-out studies, facility site needs and location studies, committee and Board facilitation and has presented at numerous national conferences and statewide seminars. DDP has also won awards for the development of GIS mapping and demographic software and is dedicated to providing a variety of consulting services and products to improve education through better planning. Click here to see how proper planning can help you.

Recent News

  • 14JUL Check out our new four part video series on how to make the most of SchoolSite Locator. The videos cover how to get the best results when addres matching, how to discover all the information about your attendance areas, and litle known advanced features that might be useful to you.
  • 11JUN Davis Demographics & Planning has just earned the ArcGIS Online Specialty designation due to our quick adoption of emerging technologies from Esri. ArcGIS Online is the go-to solution for sharing map based information quickly and easily. We are also an ArcGIS Marketplace Provider so stay tuned to the ArcGIS Marketplace as we release new apps to unleash the power of your GIS data on the web!
  • 04JUN SchoolSite now available for use on ArcGIS Desktop 10.3.1. Visit our downloads page to grab our latest build 950 that has been tested against ArcGIS Desktop 10.3.1. Please remember to un-install your current version of SchoolSite FIRST before upgrading or removing ArcGIS Desktop to avoid any problems upgrading SchoolSite in the future.
  • 02APR The Puyallup School District Facility Planning Department web-enables their demographic data, maps and school information for the public. The 20,000+ student district outside Seattle, Washington, uses ArcGIS Online along with setup assistance and several specialized school district web applications from Davis Demographics to provide a variety of information for their staff and community. Visit the district’s public-facing web portal today! Dozens of additional maps and analysis tools are available exclusively to various departments and groups of district staff using their login credentials. View the video and contact DDP to learn more about the power of web mapping in your district.
  • 01MAR Sumner School District in Washington selects Davis Demographics to develop demographic data, mapping and enrollment forecasts to continue their planning efforts. In addition, the district will make use of the data for further planning analysis in-house using the SchoolSite planning extensions for ArcGIS. To learn more about our software, download our brochure.

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