Lorne Woods, Partner, Senior Project Manager


About Lorne

Lorne heads up our Texas office located in Dallas.  Having first served in our Riverside office for many years, Lorne developed a complete understanding of our planning philosophy and our business practices of customer service.  In 2013, Lorne moved his family to Texas to help the company expand, by opening up our Texas office to better serve school districts in Texas and throughout the eastern United States.  Since spring of 2013, the Texas office has flourished.  Lorne has been with the firm for over a decade, and has provided consulting services to school districts in Texas, Arizona, Californian, Hawaii, Illinois, Wisconsin, Georgia, North Carolina, Maryland, Tennessee and Pennsylvania.  In his leisure time, Lorne enjoys gardening and working on projects around the house.  He is fond of RV trips across the county with his family, and he has a love of animals (Lorne has four dogs – all boxers, and three chinchillas).  A little-known fact is that he loves to cook and preserve things he’s grown in his garden.  If you’re lucky, you might get a pint of Lorne’s world-famous Habañero Apricot Jelly.  It’s legendary.