David Kaitz, Partner, Senior Project Manager


About David

David has been with the firm since its inception, and thus, along with Greg Davis, has over 25 years to his credit assisting school districts with their ongoing planning endeavors and detailed demographic analyses.  Each year, David provides demographic study services for nearly as many school districts as he has fingers and toes.  Over the years, he has provided demographic studies and planning services for school districts in California, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Montana, Texas, Tennessee and Florida.  David is a devoted family man who loves spending time with his wife and son.  He loves to travel, and his favorite destinations in the Golden State are San Diego and Monterey.  Did we mention his passion for baseball?  David has been to 17 major league baseball stadiums, and visiting the rest of them is part of his bucket list.  When he is away on business travel, after a day’s work you’ll likely find him enjoying an evening baseball game at the major league or minor league stadium in that city.  David is also a huge movie fan – Oscar night is big at the Kaitz house. David also considers Led Zeppelin the best band of all time