Oregon School Districts Rely on Data From Davis Demographics

School Planning with GIS

Oregon’s Hillsboro School District Getting a Solid Grasp of Student Enrollment Numbers

Over the past decade Hillsboro School District, in Hillsboro, Oregon, has called on Davis Demographics to help them solve their challenges with forecasting student enrollment, and adjusting attendance boundaries through consulting, and cutting edge GIS software technology. School administrators Adam Stewart and Michelle Morrison describe their community, their school district’s needs, and how Davis Demographics helps them address their needs.

Ken Ward, from Davis Demographics, says that K-12 school districts can benefit from Davis Demographics’ services through”master-planning consultation services delivering reliable, proven results through a combination of advanced SchoolSite™ software built on trusted GIS technology and developed to specifically address the needs of school districts. Thorough analyses supported by accurate, precise data, along with comprehensive reports with clear recommendations. Supported with ongoing collaboration, including in-person support during boundary planning meetings, community forums and school board presentations.


In 1993 Davis Demographics began as a small start up with a big vision of delivering GIS mapping technology to K-12 school districts. Today, Davis Demographics is a national leader in GIS planning and software services. Serving hundreds of K-12 school districts in 44 states across the USA.


School Districts in need of help should contact Ken Ward at  888.337.4471, or by email at kward@davisdemographics.com.